Winning Wisconsin

Milwaukee's Fight

Episode Summary

As much as Wisconsin’s dairy farmers are a microcosm of rural America’s struggle, so too is the deeply segregated city of Milwaukee a microcosm of racial inequality in this country. But in the 2016 post-mortem, only Milwaukee was blamed for its drop in voter turnout. This week, Grace takes us to 53206, one of the country's most incarcerated zip codes -- and the heart of Milwaukee's homegrown Democratic organizing.

Episode Notes

The city blamed for Hillary's defeat is home to some of the starkest racial disparities in the country. Four years later, the citizens of Milwaukee are in a fight for the vote, for their health, and for racial justice. 

Read Joseph O'Neill's article in The New Yorker, "How Milwaukee Could Decide The Next President"

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Winning Wisconsin is a Wonder Media Network production. It's created by Grace Lynch, and produced by Grace Lynch and Maddy Foley. Jenny Kaplan is the Executive Producer. 

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